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Apr 04, 2022

5 Most Common Marketing Mistakes Business Coaches Make

Building a coaching business is no easy feat and there are many marketing pitfalls that may befall you. The interesting thing is that there are five mistakes in particular that seem to emerge time and time again. Some of them stem from mindset challenges while others are linked to marketing essentials that are often overlooked. As a business coach, ironically there are always blindspots in your marketing and areas that can be improved. More importantly, here are the mistakes that can get in the way of putting your services out there effectively. Follow the advice below to avoid wasting your precious time and money:


Not Niching Down Enough

You may be well aware that when you market to everyone, you tend to attract no one. People need to see themselves reflected in your messaging. If you speak too broadly, your language won’t pack a punch or tap into your ideal client’s pain points. 

It may feel scary to target a narrow audience but it is worth it in the long run. Your experience and skills are best suited to specific people. Take some time to consider which types of individuals tend to raise their hands to learn more about your services and the people that you most love to work with. Best of all, having a specialized focus will position you to charge more for your services.

Refusing to Invest in Yourself & Your Business

It may seem logical to wait until you are making a solid income before you invest in coaching for yourself or the systems and support your business needs. However, the reality is that if you were in a 9-5 job and wanted to become a leader, you would seek out training and development programs that could prepare you to take on this new role and help you show up as someone who is an ideal candidate for a position that involves more responsibility. Your business is no different. 

If you are serious about having a professional business that doesn’t feel like a hobby, it’s time to become intentional about investing in the required software and other systems, as well as mentors to advise you along your journey.

Waiting To Get Everything Perfect

Have you ever been worried about putting a marketing piece out into the world that might be seen as amateurish? Don't let that hold you back. We all want to be viewed as professionals and we want our marketing to build credibility. However, it is more important to take action than wait for your website, social media profiles, logo, etc. to be perfect.

As long as your message and positioning are cohesive, you can tweak your marketing materials along the way. In fact, as you gain more insight into your target market and the value you deliver, you’ll continually make improvements to make your marketing more effective. Place a higher value on progress than perfection.

Waiting for Clients to Fall into Your Lap

You need a process to bring clients to you, plain and simple. What’s more, you also need to have the right mindset otherwise your interactions with prospects will fall flat. It would be wonderful if clients simply came to us, credit card in hand, with very little effort on our part but in reality it rarely works like that.

It is obvious that if you’re not making any money, you don’t actually have a business. However, it is best to choose your marketing strategies carefully, with not only the income potential in mind but also considering whether a strategy you discover is aligned with you and your offering. 

Focusing On Selling Your Services Rather Than a Solution

Are you sabotaging your sales? If you become laser-focused on trying to be a clever salesperson who can close a sale with ease, you are missing the point. People don’t pay for a perfectly pitched offer, they pay for a solution to their problems. Is your solution directly addressing whatever they are struggling with? If it isn’t, that’s what you need to work on.

It is equally important to paint a clear picture of what your clients can expect while they are working with you and the result they will get as a result of your expertise. Social proof is a huge help when it comes to showcasing the outcome of your work. Use client testimonials to your advantage.

Final Thoughts

Your role as a coach is a very important one. Someone’s life and business may be forever changed after working with you but first they need to find you. That’s why your marketing must be effective. If you avoid thinking you can appeal to everyone and you’re fearless about investing in yourself and your business, you’ll be on track to having a successful coaching career. Don’t wait for everything to be perfect before you put yourself out into the world and don’t expect clients to magically appear without any effort on your part. Focus on the problem you solve for your clients and you will show up powerfully as a business coach your ideal clients are eager to hire.