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Apr 04, 2022

Better Business Coach Marketing in 10 Minutes

The shocking truth is about to be revealed! You can move the needle forward in your coaching business with simplified marketing. In fact, you can make more money by spending a mere 10 minutes on specific marketing activities. Say goodbye to all the shiny objects and hours of frustration tinkering with tech or researching the latest online marketing trends. Do you know that’s precious time you could be using to grow your business? Here are five powerful marketing activities that will each take no more than 10 minutes to accomplish. How amazing is that?

Join a Networking Group 

What could be better than establishing mutually beneficial relationships that can lead to revenue growth? Networking is an underrated marketing strategy. The power of a referral from someone a prospect knows and trusts is undeniable. The chances of converting a referred prospect into a paying client are usually higher and require less effort than cold contacts. 

There are many types of networking groups and many of them conveniently meet virtually now yet you have to be strategic about the group you join. When you have a business to run, you have very little time to spare. Spend 10 minutes choosing a networking group that’s a good fit for you and the time you set aside to connect with individuals in this group is more likely to pay dividends in the long run.  

Create an Brand Ambassador List 

Are there people who consistently engage with your content and give you positive feedback? Take a few minutes to make a list of the names of these individuals and keep notes on the ways and number of times they engage with you and develop a clear plan to encourage them to continue being active advocates for the work you do. 

You may find that among this group you have friends, clients, or peers who can be powerful referral partners. Those who believe in you are likely to send you new clients so be proactive in showing that you recognize and appreciate their support. Take a few minutes every month to stay in touch with them with a personal touch and look for opportunities to support them too.  

Follow Up with Prospects

A lot has been written about the importance of building relationships to help our business grow, yet too often many business owners neglect to follow up with leads who may not have immediately taken us up on our offer. If you reach out regularly you are ahead of the competition because most of your rivals are missing this step. While you do not have control over the decision a prospect makes, you do have control over whether you cultivate the relationship or leave potential money on the table. As long as someone has shown even the tiniest bit of interest in your work, you may simply need to be in their face when the timing is right for them. Staying in touch in meaningful ways is the best way to position yourself to be their choice when they have an acute need for your service. 

Ask for Referrals 

Tap into past clients by checking in to see how they are doing and also ask if they have come across anyone who might benefit from your services. This process of showing an interest in what is happening with former clients should be a quarterly activity that is built into your business.

Clients who hired you in the past will be well equipped to precisely identify those who will be a good fit to work with you. They have deep insight into both their friends’, colleagues’ and acquaintances’ needs and preferences as well as your vibe and way of working. Think about the power of a recommendation from someone you know. You’re more likely to be favorably disposed to give the recommended service provider a listening ear. The bottom line is that you are missing out on potential revenue if you don’t take a little time to put a referral campaign into action. Many people are happy to refer people to you if you simply ask. 

Create a Client Handout 

An informative handout can be an excellent tool for providing added value to your clients. The content can be in the form of exercises, background research or checklists, for example. Handouts usually help to reinforce or expand on the topics covered in your coaching sessions. 

Best of all, these documents are easy to produce in a matter of minutes. Canva provides thousands of template options, which you can search by category to find the right one for your business . These templates are attractive and super-simple to customize with your own brand identity, images and copy. 

Final Thoughts

The reality is that there is no running away from marketing, even though many business coaches would love to get it off their plates completely. With this in mind, the next best solution is to efficiently get important marketing tasks done without taking too much time away from the zillion other things you need to get done, including getting to bed at a reasonable hour! Selecting a networking group, following up, building relationships with advocates, asking for referrals and creating a client handout are simple things that can make all the difference in the world. There’s no excuse, get started today!